Snow Pics 2014

Some years in the South we get no snow at all. We had one of those last year. So far this winter we have been blessed (I’m going to say blessed) with two. A giant storm dumped snow, ice and wintry mix from Dallas, TX to Augusta, GA then all the way up the coast to New York City. This is not the 2″ that shut down Atlanta in January. We actually experienced two different fronts that brought 4″ worth of accumulation twice in the same week.

Here are just a few snowy pics that I took myself in northwest Georgia.

Teresa with JojoMy wife Teresa with daughter Johannah

Johannah sized snowmanWe made a Johannah sized snowman.

Johannah smilesBig smile!

crape myrtleCrape Myrtle tree; normally pink, also lovely in white.

gardenia bushWhite gardenia bush. Normally 6 or 7 feet high, here it’s bent down to about 4.

fence postsLook at these fence post tops. That is some sticky stuff.

frozen lines 2While we never lost power you can clearly see the potential for problems. A little bit of sleet/freezing rain caused the snow to grab hold of everything.

tree removal 2Here the local utility company removes a pine tree that bent across the street resting on our power lines. The line did not break but we were kind of trapped until they cut the tree away.

creek Pic posted by a friend. This weather is beautiful yet dangerous since we only get it once in a while.


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