Trip Advisor Selects Georgia as the Best State for Barbecue

bbqBarbecue is a very regional sort of thing. Barbecue sauce may be tomato, vinegar, mustard or even mayonnaise based depending on where in the United States it is made. Comparing North Carolina BBQ to that of Memphis or Texas would be like comparing the proverbial apples to oranges. So I used to say there is no possible way to determine where in America the best barbecue is found.

Trip Advisor, based on reviews from thousands of travelers, has determined Georgia is the best state for barbecue. I have traveled to only a handful of states so who am I to argue? The top ten states for barbecue are:

  1. Georgia
  2. North Carolina
  3. Texas
  4. Missouri
  5. Tennessee
  6. South Carolina
  7. Florida
  8. Illinois
  9. California
  10. Kansas

This article  goes on to list the ten best barbecue joints in the nation. Please notice that the #1 establishment is in Austin, TX. Georgia doesn’t make the list until #4 but appears 3 different times in the top 10. According to Trip Advisor’s research (which I’m sure was pains-taking and exhaustive) good barbecue is available in more places in Georgia than in any other state. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

This is one of those posts that could start a fight, but hey, some things are worth fighting for. One final clarification – barbecue is a noun, referring to meat that is cooked a special way. It is not a verb that means to cook outside as in “Come over, were barbecuing.” No, you’re grilling. That’s Yankee talk right there.



For more on Georgia Barbecue I recommend this article by John T. Edge.


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One Response to Trip Advisor Selects Georgia as the Best State for Barbecue

  1. noname says:

    Interesting stuff.

    Georgia ranks 3rd in another category.


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