A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to One Million Views

up trendI never set out to author two blogs. It’s a long story, click here if you’ve never heard it before. At any rate, as the blogoversary of The Master’s Table drew came around in May I was watching the stats pretty closely to see if the combined total of both blogs would hit the one million mark. Technically they still don’t, but wait, it gets even more complicated.

The total page views of The Master’s Table is 560, 372. The total for My Other Blog is 434,731. Adding those number will give you a total approximately 5,000 short of the magic number we’re looking for. But… I started a project called Bible Survey a few years ago that fell by the wayside. The site is still active and gets a few hits everyday, even though the last post was made over two years ago. The current total for Bible Survey stands at 7,141 and BAM! The total number of page views/hits for all blogs I author is 1,002,244! 

I’m not obsessed with numbers but it is something of a milestone. And that number must be taken with a grain of salt. Those are views and not unique visitors. So loyal fans who read every new post contribute to the view stats; WordPress now calculates visitor numbers in addition to views but they were not doing that when I started in 2008. Many views come from surfers stumbling in from search engines. Presumably some of those folks did not find what they were looking for and surfed right back out.

But of course there is always a bright side! Over the years I have made a few good blog friends that I would never have met otherwise. The Christian blogosphere is a community of like-minded and not-as-like-minded believers alike and we all benefit from the interaction. My Other Blog has followers and commenters that are not necessarily Christian bloggers but share recipes, photographs and words of inspiration. Social media tools have been incorporating into blog platforms and the world continues to become a small place. So allow me to end with the same words I did in my very first post back in March, 2008:

Long live the blog!


About Clark Bunch

Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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