Very Warm Chocolate

cocoa cupIf you come to our house anytime between the first of October and the last of February I can promise you two things: there will be hot chocolate and hot apple cider. For Johannah’s sake I buy hot cocoa mix with little marshmallows in it. By the time I add hot water and stir the marshmallows completely dissolve but Johannah couldn’t possibly drink hers that hot anyway. She enjoys more of a very warm chocolate, and with marshmallows since they don’t melt in her cup.

I can promise one other thing. In our house we say marsh mellons. At least my half of we does 😉


About Clark Bunch

Clark Bunch is the pastor of Unity Baptist Church and author of God is Near. He and his wife Teresa have one child. In his spare time he enjoys blogging, playing guitar and riding his motorcycle. And coffee, he'd be nowhere without coffee.
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