30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 5

wordpress I am thankful for WordPress, Facebook, and the advent of social media.

Hear me out. I was introduced to the Christian blogosphere by Michael Spencer and began my own blog in 2008. My two blogs together, this URL and The Master’s Table, recently passed one million views. If you were to somehow add up everyone that’s heard me speak over the years – pulpit supply, guest preacher, local AM radio, OBI, the two small churches I have served as pastor – there is no way that number even approaches one million. I have made “blog friends” in Canada, Israel, Australia and have readers in dozens of countries around the world that I will never meet in person. I’ve never had a picture or Youtube video go viral but I have slowly built a regular audience plus had many one time views from thousands of Internet users.

“Facebook is nothing but a huge waste of time.” If you’re wasting your time on Facebook then that’s a choice you made. Some people are looking for ways to kill time and Facebook is great for that. But I use Facebook to find and stay in touch with real life friends from high school and college. Facebook and now Twitter have helped build the fan base and community of sorts for both the blog I mentioned above and my book. I am not one of those people who go through and delete friends they never carry on conversations with. I may not engage you several times a week with comments or email, but when my friends post about a new job or pics of their kids in Halloween costumes I notice. Some people complain “most of my Facebook friends only write once a year and that’s on my birthday” but I’m the guy going “I got 400 birthday wishes. Yeah!”

Blogs and social media, like the Internet as a whole, is a tool. The same hammer that builds houses for Habitat for Humanity could be used to smash windows and crack skulls in different hands. Drug dealers and police officers both carry guns. The spoken and written word is no different. Hitler spoke with energy and passion in the late 1930’s as the Third Reich rose to power but so did Ronald Reagan when he spoke at the Berlin Wall 50 years later. I am thankful that blogging and social media have made the world a smaller place; I can speak and listen across oceans and continents, as well as to church friends in other cities. And if you’re looking for a dog wearing a cat on his head like a hat, I can help you with that as well.



About Clark Bunch

Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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