30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 12

Screenshot 2014-11-07 at 8.28.37 PMI am thankful for a full life of wildly varied experiences. (This was a long post with too much personal history. Here is the short version.)

I ride a motorcycle but can also drive a school bus, dump truck or pull a Bobcat on a 10,000 pound trailer. I have driven a couple of Bobcats, a backhoe and briefly a full size dozer. I own two acoustic guitars, one electric and used to play the bass. I can run sound, theater lighting instruments and Powerpoint/ProPresenter. I was the assistant director for 19 high school plays. I saw the Olympic torch in 1996. I’ve seen Alcatraz from the San Francisco Bay Bridge, stood in the Jesse James house in the place he was shot, pumped water the well the Pony Express riders used and toured several of the Smithsonian museums. I have seen Ruby Falls in Chattanooga and been to Cave City in Kentucky. I have swam in the Atlantic Ocean and eaten jagerschnitzel in a small diner in Heidelberg Germany. I have toured the Hersey factory museum and spent a weekend in Enterprise Alabama, the only city in the world with a boll weevil statue. I worked one year as an assistant carpenter and a couple of years building fences and landscaping. I once drove a limousine through a McDonald’s drive through. I competed at the national level… on the debate team. I wear cowboy boots and a hat to look cool but not when I’m actually pulling barb wire, picking up hay bales or taking calves to market. I have ridden a horse, but I’m afraid of heights so I was a little uncomfortable. I have also ridden a SeaDoo but don’t feel comfortable on the water, so I puttered around like an old man.

My first job was in a carpet mill, but I have also worked as a telemarketer and a cashier in a drug store. I worked at Shoney’s in high school and Chick-fil-A while in college. I helped take the 2000 Census. I did not even try to get out of jury duty; not only did I served but was elected foreman. I recently began pastoring a Baptist church for the first time, though I preached as pulpit supply four years at a Presbyterian church in Kentucky (they couldn’t call me to pastor because I’m an ordained Baptist minister). I promised a short version so I guess I’ll just have to skip all tractor driving stories and wait for another post to mention my 12 gauge.

In December I will turn 39. I thank God for bringing me the long way around, and can’t wait to see what happens next.


About Clark Bunch

Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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