30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 22

noteI am thankful for music. 

Music is ancient; the first mention of singing in the Bible occurs in the Book of Genesis. In it’s earliest form music was used to worship God, to proclaim who he is, list his attributes, and express thankfulness for what he has done. You should expect one or more Psalms to be read in church tomorrow, next week being Thanksgiving, possibly Psalm 95 or 100. Those are songs, you know. David was not only a musician in the sense that he played music but he also composed lyrics and even made instruments. (Our congregation will be looking at the Song of Moses but I’m not showing all of my cards today.) Music is of course still used in many different styles of worship today. Whether you enjoy acapella hymns sung by a men’s choir or Jesus Freak by DC Talk, The Primitive Quartet or Christian rap by LeCrae, I’m sure there’s common ground in there somewhere we can enjoy as we worship together.

I am thankful there has always been music in our home. My dad learned to play guitar when he was 13. We have black & white pictures of him playing the guitar while his teacher, Uncle Morris, plays the fiddle. Dad taught me three chords when I was 12 or 13, and I later took piano lessons because what I wanted to do was play the church organ. I was playing the bass and singing bass with a church quartet when Teresa and I starting dating. She played in an orchestra and can explain the difference between a fiddle and a violin (oh yes). We’ve been to Newsboys concerts and to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra together.

Johannah makes up her own songs, some of which go on for quite a while even when she doesn’t realize anyone is listening. I’ve also heard her take actually songs like Farmer in the Dale and change the words, freestyling verses about her friends. And of course I watch her thinking “That’s exactly what I used to do!”



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