2014 Was a Great Year

Screenshot 2014-12-30 at 9.06.50 PMI don’t always post a year-end review but have just got to say that 2014 was a banner year for our family. After a decade of on-again, off-again writing (and starting from scratch each time) I finally published a book in May. After doing a little of this and that, and giving serious consideration to a career in the HVAC trades, I was called to pastor a small SBC church in September. Here’s a few pics from the past year. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, looking forward to 2015.

Screenshot 2014-12-24 at 8.12.52 AM

Snow Day: We don’t always get snow in Georgia but this year had a couple of doozies.

Screenshot 2014-12-24 at 8.11.26 AMEpic man beard selfie: I let No-Shave-November run through December and January.

Screenshot 2014-12-24 at 8.10.01 AMValentine’s Day: There’s a perspective thing going on here; I’m closer to the camera than Teresa, my head’s not really that big.


Screenshot 2014-04-20 at 5.56.07 PMEaster Sunday

front cover

God is Near, His Promise to His People: Published May 16, 2014 by OutSkirts Press. Click here for more.


Unity Baptist Church in Plainville, GA:  Established in 1849 it is literally do or die time for this small SBC church. Please pray for us every chance you get.

Screenshot 2014-12-24 at 7.49.11 AMBowties are cool.

We thank God for his many blessings and prayfully ask that he continue to touch, use and bless. Work on the parsonage will be wrapping up soon and we are about to get serious about moving to Plainville. I would like to start working on another book soon, so look for it in bookstores in about 10 years! Looking forward to 2015, goodnight and God bless.


About Clark Bunch

Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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