Asleep at the Wheel

(not me)

(not me)

It wasn’t the first time I had taken a nap in a car. It’s been a few years since I spent an entire night, but I am definitely not one of those people that require absolute silence, total darkness or for that matter, a bed. I had already walked two laps around the half mile walking track at Tolleson park and read several chapters of a book. It was that time of day, an hour or two after lunch, that gets to me everyday. So with another hour to kill before my next appointment I gave in to the drowsiness and reclined the seat for a little shut eye.

Studies have shown that a short nap in the middle of the day can actually increase productivity. Sleeping for even 10 minutes can be enough to reset the brain and make you feel awake and refreshed. The effects of caffeine, say one cup of coffee or tea, take 20 minutes to be fully realized. An article I read just recently suggests drinking that caffeinated beverage then napping for 15 minutes to capitalize on the combined effect of both. Some large office spaces, in addition to workout rooms and in house yoga classes, offer a place to catch 40 winks hoping to cash in on increased worker productivity long into the afternoon.

I hope I have sold you on the notion that a short nap at the right time can be a good idea. Be warned, however, there is a certain social stigma about people that sleep in cars and if you are found sleeping in yours the police might have a few questions.



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