Come Back to McDonald’s, but Don’t Stay Too Long

McDonald’s is aware that they are loosing business to other chains. They are in the process of simplifying their menu and focusing their advertising on the “I’m Loving It” theme to attract customers to return. They have responded to concerns about what their food products actually contain in a hope to regain the public’s trust. But just this morning I noticed this sign in a McD’s dining room:

Photo2005I’ve seen signage in Chick-fil-A inviting customers to stay as long as they like but reserve full size tables for larger groups. They even politely suggest during peak times of the day you might come back later. I arrived at one location a little early for lunch and was going to do my surfing first and then order. The manager came by and ask if I would like anything, perhaps a glass of water. I don’t like using a restaurant’s wifi or a gas station bathroom without making a purchase. I once ordered a Diet Coke at a Krystal and the cashier said “It’s just a drink, don’t worry about it.” So then I had free wifi and a free beverage. Not what I was looking for but very hospitable.

McDonald’s wants you to come back, just don’t overstay your welcome.



About Clark Bunch

Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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