There Were Two Crowds in DC

screenshot-2017-01-21-at-12-17-03-pmI questioned the validity of these images when I first saw them but it turns out the crowd on the D.C. mall was somewhat smaller than Obama’s first inauguration in 2009. The images are real but let’s consider what we’re looking at and what it means.
1) Obama’s 2009 inauguration was historic. He was the first African-American president in American history. While many of us were not in DC pretty much the whole nation watched that ceremony.
2) The temps were in the 20’s but it was a bright clear day.
3) The 2009 attendance set a record at 1.8 million. Obama’s second inauguration in 2013 only drew about half that number, roughly 1 million people on the national mall. Obama did not get as many votes in 2012 as he had in 2008, and there was not as much talk about hope and change after his first four years in office either.
4) Trump’s inauguration took place in the rain. A final number of attendees has not been released yet and it will be hard to do without any satellite images available (because of the cloud cover).
5) Obama’s inauguration was a historic event attended by Democrats, Republicans and independent voters. 40 Congressional Democrats refused to attend Trump’s inauguration and there were huge crowds of protesters outside the secure mall area. Republicans didn’t do that in 2009. There was a huge crowd in DC for Trump’s inauguration but this picture doesn’t show the thousands of people who were breaking windows, setting fires and trying to cross police lines. There were two crowds in DC on January 20th, only the ones hoping for a brighter future and a better tomorrow are pictured above on the right. The other crowd is committed to seeing American fail, working towards that end, and then saying “See, we told you Trump would fail.”


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