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Pop Top

I can’t tell if this is a commercial for Husqvarna or Coca-Cola. At any rate good thing you saw this on the internet and therefore have no need to try this at home. Advertisements

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How to Drill a Square Hole

Demonstration of a rounded-corner square drill. Will wonders ever cease?   … Okay, I’ve seen several animations and theoretical designs but have yet to see a practical demonstration. Does anyone out there know if such a device exists in the … Continue reading

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Is Santa Claus a Time Lord?

My wife reasons Santa must be a Time Lord (i.e. Dr Who).  In short Santa travels around the world visiting millions of homes in only one night.  Piece of cake if you can take years doing it. Santa seems to … Continue reading

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Online Education vs. the State of Minnesota

E-mail was taking off in the late 90’s and the Post Office saw a decrease in physical mail.  One of the early chain e-mail scams was about the Post Office planning to charge a per message fee for email, in … Continue reading

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That is One Cool Cat

If Collective Soul has one half of a brain cell they will not pull this video from YouTube.

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Dumb Luck

  “Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap… Sweet!”  

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Abandon All Hope…

This is why we teach math and history.  This is the generation that will one day defend our nation, declare war, manage your social security, et. al.

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