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There Were Two Crowds in DC

I questioned the validity of these images when I first saw them but it turns out the crowd on the D.C. mall was somewhat smaller than Obama’s first inauguration in 2009. The images are real but let’s consider what we’re … Continue reading

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Spring Pics 2013

Above is one of the best pictures I have ever taken. Below are tulips. … … … … Moss flox – this is a recent addition to our own flower beds. Flox says green year round and blooms in the … Continue reading

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The Cuteness

I used to run several features in the sidebar, one of them called The Cuteness.  Seeing this kind of made me miss it:

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Great Expectations

The picture you expected to take: … The picture you actually took: Choose your own caption: a) When life doesn’t imitate art b) Just because you saw it on Pinterest c) Good thing your kids aren’t dressed

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Where’s Perry?

Officially the Chang Building in Bangkok, Thailand. But all I see is Perry the Platypus.

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Street View

1 of 25 interesting pictures captured by Google street view. See the series at Twisted Sifter.  Link here

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Fun with Pictures

Just a little cut and paste, and voilà!

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