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It’s Not Trump’s Flag

The Supreme Court ruled in 1989 that burning an American flag was a protected first amendment right of free speech. A proposed amendment in 1990 to criminalize burning the flag fell short. So what are flag burners protesting? It must … Continue reading

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A World Cup Rant

UPDATE: Read this instead. The world is watching World Cup 2010 this week in South Africa.   Most of the world anyway.  Plenty of people can’t help but take a jab at Americans for not caring about soccer.  I’m not one to complain; I’m … Continue reading

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Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama has been Award the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, for leading the United States in taking a dominant role in working towards a nuke free world. His international policies and cooperation with the U.N. were praised by the Norwegian … Continue reading

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Never Forget

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