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Opinion: Self Driving Cars

Uber has just rolled out a pilot program in Philadelphia. Customers can request a self-driving car when calling for a ride. The program has spent 18 months in development and is being testing in Philadelphia because of the difficulties driving … Continue reading

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30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 26

I am thankful I enjoy driving. On this particular day we are on the road for 10 hours of driving (plus time for bathroom breaks, refilling gas, eating etc). It’s a good thing I happen to enjoy it. On my 15th … Continue reading

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Test Driving the Tesla, Part 2

The Tesla Model S is the highest rated car Consumer Reports has ever tested. Read the full story here. John Broder is not going to be happy. … Here is the original article I published in February, after Broder’s review … Continue reading

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Test Driving the Tesla

In the early days of the twentieth century, engineers tinkered with every form of power available; gasoline, diesel, electric, and even steam.  The biggest hurdle for electric cars for the past hundred years has been the size, weight, and quantity … Continue reading

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Some Things Shouldn’t be Crossed-Over

The crossover, combing car-like driving with the cargo capacity of a minivan, or perhaps the fuel efficiency of a hybrid with the feel of a sports car.  Is it a large car, or an SUV?  Are they sporty minivans, or … Continue reading

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Just Because You Can…

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Why spend a buttload of money on something that will make you a laughing stock to be seen in?  Mitsubishi Eclipse is an awesome car; the acceleration can literally push passengers back into … Continue reading

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Ferris-mobile at Auction

Is that a genuine Ferrari 250GT Spyder California?  Technically, no.  But it may be even better. Even in 1986, a real Spyder California was rare and expensive.  Ferrari only produced a hundred or so between 1958 and 1963.  So Paramount … Continue reading

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