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Third Party Candidates 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are not the only candidates running this November. But who are the other candidates and why should we consider voting for them? New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is running on the Libertarian ticket. He is … Continue reading

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When Will We Know?

We will certainly not know tonight who wins the 2012 presidential election.  It may be days or weeks before we can be sure. This election is close.  The national poll numbers are in a dead heat, and there are several … Continue reading

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The Mitt Romney Free Sticker Scam

I signed up a few weeks ago to get a free Mitt Romney sticker.  I filled out a form including my name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.  I get 4 or 5 emails per day to support the Romney … Continue reading

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Why I Feel Good About Mitt Romney’s Chances

I voted for John McCain in 2008, but I had the same fears as everyone else.  McCain was really old and Palin was nuts.  I voted McCain in ’08, Bush in ’04 and ’00, and Bob Dole back in ’96. … Continue reading

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Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama has been Award the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, for leading the United States in taking a dominant role in working towards a nuke free world. His international policies and cooperation with the U.N. were praised by the Norwegian … Continue reading

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