Colts vs. Saints

Colts vs. Saints, Sunday Feb 7

This polling place is closed. 

At gametime, there were a total of 16 votes, 12 for Indiana, 4 for New Orleans.  75% of the people that voted were wrong.   


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2 Responses to Colts vs. Saints

  1. bke274 says:

    This Super Bowl kind of defies conventional wisdom in regards to football:

    1. CW says that the teams that are hot near the end of the regular season have the best chance of making the Super Bowl. The Colts won their first 14 games and then lost their last 2, while the Saints won their first 13 games and lost their last 3.

    2. CW says that being able to run the ball is essential to being a champion in the NFL. While the Saints rank near the top in run offense, the Colts are LAST in the NFL in that category.

    3. CW says, as you might expect from #2, that having a good run defense is important to winning the Super Bowl. Neither team is very good at stopping the rush though.

    4. Many pundits said that Peyton Manning is a great regular season QB but would choke come the post-season. Well, the big game is Sunday and he’s still breathing.

    So, throw Conventional Wisdom out the window and enjoy the game.


  2. Larry says:

    The Saints allowed a team to fumble the ball 5 time and and 2 interceptions to still be in the game. The Colts will win dispite all the hipe from “Who Dat nation.”


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