Why I Feel Good About Mitt Romney’s Chances

I voted for John McCain in 2008, but I had the same fears as everyone else.  McCain was really old and Palin was nuts.  I voted McCain in ’08, Bush in ’04 and ’00, and Bob Dole back in ’96.  The Republican Party has a history of not offering us really good choices.  Let me tell you why I feel good about 2012.

Mitt Romney is not an idiot.  His father turned around AMC, and Mitt himself has a portfolio representing good business sense.  He “fixed” if you will the Salt Lake City Olympics.  He was good in business, good for the Olympics, and most recently good for Massachusetts.  Can he fix this failing economy?  He has a good track record at that sort of thing, that’s what I’m saying.  Obama’s failure to turn the economy around works to Romney’s advantage.  The Obama campaign is going to focus on killing Bin Laden, gay marriage rights and women’s rights and hope we don’t notice that national unemployment is still well over 8%.  Unemployment is higher in some states (GA for instance) and more than double the national average in minority groups, including African Americans, were much of Obama’s support comes from.

Sarah Palin seemed like a good choice the day the announcement was made in 2008.  She was meant to bring balance to the force.  McCain was old, she was much younger.  He was a career politician, she was a Washington outsider.  She was meant to draw women voters if Obama should choose Hilary Clinton as a running mate.  But the more we learned about Palin the more it seemed to hurt the ticket in the long run.  I voted for McCain scared to death of what a Palin presidency might be like.  Dick Cheney had no shortage of critics as VP.  Remember Dan Quale?  Yeah, me too.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan seem paired well.  Romney is at the top of the ticket, but hopefully Ryan strikes the American voter as a person that could do the job if need be.

Mitt Romney is not 102, and Paul Ryan is not a chuckle head.  Condeleezza Rice and Ann Romney both made impressive speeches this week.  Clint Eastwood challenged voters to ask themselves this question: Are you better off than you were four years ago?  The conventional wisdom since 1932 has been if the economy is bad elect a Democrat.  FDR may be one the greatest president’s in American history.  I’m not a Bill Clinton fan, but he did the job he was elected to do.  Barack Obama has not done that job.

If Romney does not win in November, it’s not because the Republican Party once again offered us a losing combination.  On election Tuesday we can make a better choice, not just the other choice.


About Clark Bunch

Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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